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Today is Buddy’s birthday. Buddy is a white toy poodle and he is eleven today. I’ve been telling people for a year or so now that he’s twelve going on thirteen. Thanks to starting this blog and my desire to be accurate, I discover that he’s younger than I thought. This pleases me very much since he developed a heart problem this year and is on medication. He also developed asthma which made breathing difficult for him (and nearly gave me a heart condition every time he had a gasping-for-breath episode). Thanks to various drugs, everything seems to be under control. And now that I find he’s only eleven, I can shed my fear that he’s about to expire, and start manifesting some good years ahead for the two of us.

Actually there are quite a few more than two of us. I live with seven cats, and in addition to Buddy, I adopted another toy poodle about 16 months ago – Bo. Bo’s owners moved to a  no-dog-allowed apartment (it was the only one they could find), and with that plus other dog-incompatible issues, Mr. Bones found his way to my house, and is as happy as an old dog can be. I’m his forth owner, and according to our local pet psychic, I’m ‘his person.’ He certainly acts as if I am. He makes no attempt to leave despite numerous opportunities to run off (as I was warned he would do). I abandoned the dog run I set up on day two of his arrival. It was clear he wanted to stay. I live in the woods and his first time running completely free was a joy to watch. 

Yesterday dawned with a distinctly autumn feel. Buddy, Bo [I couldn’t hack the name Mr. Bones, so Bo he has become], and I headed down to the edge of the stream at the north end of my property to continue sawing up a fallen Ash tree before winter sets in. A year ago I bought a wood stove. I have oil heat, but when the ice storm of 2008 hit and I was without heat, electricity, and telephone, for three weeks, I was determined to avoid a reoccurrence. So I got myself a Jøtul. Thanks to the huge maple tree that came down on the house, I had enough insurance money for the stove, and plenty of wood for several years.

Every hardwood tree is potential heat, so I salvage what I can myself. The ice storm brought down dozens of trees in my yard. I’ve been cutting up the hardwoods ever since. I use a hand saw I bought from Lee Valley in Canada years ago. It’s a portable wood saw, and it works like a charm. I’m afraid to use a chain saw. The obvious reason being – I’d probably cut my leg off.

I spent some time clearing away debris and undergrowth around the fallen tree, and then started cutting off 18” lengths. Most of this summer I have spent outdoors. The weather has been hot, but glorious. Between tending the vegetable garden, cutting the lawn (a.k.a. weeds), and piling up ice storm debris to allow negotiating the property again, I have barely been indoors. My passion for being out in the open has become an obsession. So much so that I’ve taken to getting up at all hours of the night and early morning just to stand out under the stars. A few days ago I awoke to a cacophony of crows out by the pond across the road, so I raced out in my pajamas and slippers to see what the hullabaloo was about. I didn’t discover the reason, but I was bathed in the deliciousness of having the freedom to run outside at a whim with no neighbors to see or care. I am so lucky.

While sawing away at the fallen tree, the idea for a blog came to me. Ideas often come to me when I am doing hard physical labor, or asleep. I suspect they are related, but with no ability to turn on whatever happens that brings up the ideas, I simply take them as they come with gratitude. In any event, I was mulling over how passionate I had become about being outside, and was already bemoaning the fact that winter was coming and my days outside were numbered. Then it hit me – why stop? There was no reason winter should slow down the drive to be outdoors, or the ability. All that was needed were some warm clothes and boots, and a commitment.

So…I begin today as day 1 of my commitment to heading outside every day for a restorative recharging and balancing. Tune in tomorrow for more.


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